ICTrader Budget Networks

In addition to new servers ICTrader can also provide refurbished servers. Usually these servers are used 1 to 3 years but have been replaced prematurely.

After a thorough inspection and replacing the various rotating parts, such as fan’s and hard disks, these servers still can be used for a number of years. By making use of refurbished servers, we can offer financially attractive network solutions.The use of these servers does not give any limitation with regard to performance, reliability and continuity.

Our budget network solutions can be especially interesting for start-ups but are also highly recommended for existing businesses. For example, it may be required to expand or replace an existing network or a part of it.

We have agreements with reputable suppliers and therefore we can give up to a three year warranty on refurbished servers and the cost prices are much lower than the original price of similar servers! The use of these servers offers great benefits for you.

By combining these servers with virtualization as described under the menu “Designing & Building Networks” we can offer our budget networks.

We can supply among others the following Refurbished Servers :

1. Dell PowerEdge Range.

2. HP ProLiant G5, G6, G7 and G8.

3. IBM X3350.

4. SGI Rackable Systems.

5. Oracle SUN Sunfire.

6. Super Micro.

From the above mentioned brands we can also supply Refurbished Blade Systems.

All servers have a 1 to 3 years warranty and will be thoroughly tested.

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