Consultancy and IT projects

ICTrader has the expertise to provide you with advice on all topics described on this website.

We do this by means of a general conversation in which we would like to discuss your needs and demands. We will then give our opinion on the most attractive and reliable solutions for you.

We focus on high-end network solutions with or without virtualization. We can then make a design for a network that fits your organization or we can give advice on how to optimize your existing network. This can involve , among other things, setting up server parks, workplaces and hardwire, in short everything needed to create a complete working environment.

We can combine our different activities and products and therefore offer and provide attractive and affordable solutions in the form of a project. We work with you to develop a plan taking into account your budget. ICTrader takes care of the project management.

The major advantage for you is that you have just one point of contact, namely: ICTrader.

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