Designing and Building

We design networks with or without virtualization on high-end level for every budget. In the design we take into account your expectations for the future, in other words if your business grows, your network grows. By taking into account the scalability during the design, future costs can be saved in case of growth of your company. Virtualization of networks is automatically focused on this scalability.

High-end equipment

ICTrader uses equipment from leading brands. We can supply new and refurbished equipment at attractive prices, in particular servers. ICTrader is reseller of components from several major suppliers. The refurbished equipment is optimized to guarantee a high and reliable performance and comes with a 3 year warranty but for 50% of the price of equivalent new equipment. Entrepreneurs with a smaller budget have also come to the right place. We offer network solutions for fixed prices! See ICTrader budget networks.


In designing and building networks the choice of cabling is very important, the reliability and speed of the network also depends on this. The (desired) speed, the amount of data traffic and the possible influences of equipment on cabling determines the choice of the UTP cabling. The cabling is tested extensively after construction. We use the reliable cabling U/UTP, U/FTP, F/UTP, cat6.


We can deliver fast and reliable Wi-Fi solutions. Experience teaches us that there are many wireless devices on the market, we can combine wired networks with wireless solutions.


We use the cost-saving method of server virtualization to minimize physical servers in which we set up virtual servers for the desired purposes. These virtual servers are set up in Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. For desktop virtualization we can set up active directories within the virtual server environments. These provide great opportunity for users to centrally log in with their own virtual desktop and files and these are available at all times from any computer. In doing so, we naturally provide redundancy and safe storage.

Virtualization is very reliable, cost effective and offers many advantages over physical platforms. This method is available for every budget and is no longer reserved for the larger network applications. We can also set up virtual servers in a cloud, outside of the physical location of your business.

The most common benefits of virtualization are:

– Simple and therefore inexpensive to administer;

– Higher availability;

– Simple hardware expansions;

– Saving of space;

– Improved safety;

– Availability from any network;

– Availability from any device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone;

– Inexpensive to purchase;

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