Maintenance and Support

Maintenance of networks

Maintenance of networks is an important part of our activities, we would like to maintain networks that we build ourselves. Especially then we are able to make an optimal design of your network and thereby reduce maintenance costs to a minimum. Server maintenance is an ongoing process for us. Redundancy is provided in order to ensure continuity of your network. We also do this for networks that are not built by us. We will then do an inventory and set up a preventive maintenance plan. If required, we make use of 24 hour real-time monitoring. We can also maintain your workstations, hereby we work preventively.

Support on workstations

Ongoing preventative maintenance on servers and workstations reduces the necessary support. Our experience has shown that this works very well and it also makes that the support that must be provided can be resolved for 95% through remote connections. This gives  a low support time, because we rarely have to come on site and we are hereby almost instantly available. ICTrader provides PC support using a ticket system. We make appointments with you about the available hours of the support staff. This may be on weekdays, evenings and weekends.


Xtend provides maintenance and support for servers and workstations through Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We offer this for networks built by us or for existing networks. In the latter case, we will make an inventory of your existing network and give advice. Together with you we determine in the SLA, which maintenance we undertake and under which conditions. The service level can vary from a desired limited to a maximum level of service.

Real-time monitoring

We are able to use a real-time monitoring program which will monitor your network 24/7. For example signals can occur that are issued by a hard disk at the end of its life cycle. We can take action before failure occurs to ensure continuity of your network.

Cloud backup

To safeguard your data we recommend to make backups to a Cloud server. Your data is then stored outside the location of your business. For this we provide attractive solutions.

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