Total IT Management

Management of all your IT products.

Our Proactive Total IT Management includes the following:

1. Help desk support: Remote support or on location.

2. Update/Patch Management: Weekly monitoring for necessary updates/Patches.

3. Network Management and Administration: Maintenance and adjustments to your network.

4. Network Monitoring: Preventive 24/7 Network Monitoring.

5. Break/Fix Support: Quick fix if devices malfunction.

6. Software Application Deployment: We take care of your Windows/Application installations and upgrades.

7. User Maintenance and Administration: We manage all user accounts on your network.

8. Preventive Maintenance: Monthly preventative maintenance of your servers and workstations.

9. Preventive Hardware Inspection: Biweekly monitoring of all hardware on your location.

10. Hardware replacement planning: Together with you we plan the necessary replacement of your servers and workstations.

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